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The Diary of Phar Lap by Robert Baker

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The Diary of Phar Lap by Robert Baker

What if Phar Lap had kept a diary? What would he have written about? Well, this book provides the answers to those questions.
Beginning in August 1929, when Phar Lap was a three-year-old, the diary traces his life right up until his death in April 1932. We read of the harshness of his training regime, the love and ‘mateship’ he experienced from his stablehand Tommy Woodcock, the thrill and excitement of winning a race, and his curiosity about the world beyond his stable. From his unparalleled success on the track to the death threats and actual attempts on his life, Phar Lap’s career rivalled that of any film star for intrigue and drama. Even the cause of his death has been a source of controversy for decades. This diary will take you into his world and show you how events unfolded as he saw them. Phar Lap emerges as a horse with a heart of gold, a champion’s will to win, and a larrikin’s sense of humour. Released on the 75th anniversary of his death, The Diary of Phar Lap is a fitting tribute to a horse who united a country and became a legend in the process.

  • Hardcover
  • 165 x 125 mm
  • 152 pages

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