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Sylvanian Families Honeybear Family - The Deal

Sylvanian Families Honeybear Family

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Sylvanian Families Honeybear Family

Introducing the new Honeybear Family to the world of Sylvania. Father Bertie Honey Bear is the miller of Sylvania making lots of different flour. Being a very friendly fellow he gives bags of flour to all his visitors and as a result he has lots of callers. Mother Tamsie Honey Bear makes the most of her husband's skill as a miller, baking the most wonderful cakes and puddings in her kitchen. She likes to use lots of tasty fruits and berries in her creations. Brother Diggory Honey Bear always helps his father deliver the sacks of flour around the village of Sylvania on Saturdays. He's getting very big and strong doing all this physical work!. Sister Katy Honey Bear loves collecting ingredients for her mother's pies. Every day she fills a small basket with fruit and berries from the hedgerows on her way home from school.

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