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Sovov Egg Fridge - Cooler/Warmer With LED Glow - The Deal

Sovov Egg Fridge - Cooler/Warmer With LED Glow

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Sovov Egg Fridge - Cooler/Warmer With LED Glow

The Sovov Egg mini cooler and warmer is one of the most innovative designs currently available on the market and sure to attract attention.

It is a versatile product with a multitude of uses. No matter for group barbecue, bedroom setting, corporate room presentation, or for personal, domestic or medical usage, the Egg can fulfill your purpose of keeping alcohol, drinks, chocolate, snacks, yoghurt, fruit or even insulin cool, or keeping baby food, soup, pies and sausage rolls hot!

The installed AC/DC power supply also enable you to put it indoors on mains power or outdoors via cars and boats (12V).

• Cooling Temperature: 20 – 25 degrees below ambient temperature
• Heating Temperature: 55 – 65 degrees by thermostat
• Capacity: 15 Liters
• Green/Red LEDs indicate cooling or heating
• Power Consumption: Cooling 45 – 65 W / Heating 40 – 55 W
• Power Source: 220–240V AC / 12V DC

Press Reviews...

  "Thanks to its cigarette lighter adapter you can use the Chilli Egg Fridge as the pefect portable beer chiller to end any beach BBQ the only way it should be ended, and indeed started - with a cold, crisp, mouth watering, thirst quenching beer."
Boys Toys Magazine

International Reviews...

I absolutely love this mini-fridge. It's practically silent, and the LED lights look fantastic. Well worth the money.
Charshy, Hampshire
This fridge is the business, pulled it out of the box stuck it into the bottom of a bedside cabinet, waited till dark and turned it on, cold beers at 2am, what could be better? And the LEDs are great.
Mat, Telford
What a great product! It heats and cools, and that blue light is something else! Looks great, doesn't make much noise and is great for my student accessories, i.e. lager!
Andrew, London

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