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Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap Traveller

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Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap Traveller

The Travel Sleepwrap's now come with an extra safety leg piece You would think that sleep is a safe time for a baby, but it is far from it. There are all sorts of problems that your baby can experience when they are sleeping. The fact is that it’s not practical to watch over them all the time. The ingenious, simple wrap design of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product, keeps your baby sleeping in a comfortable and safe sleeping position. The biggest bonus is that your baby is still able to do everything he or she is developmentally ready to do, according to age and stage of development. The only things your baby cannot do are all the things that are potentially dangerous, cold or uncomfortable. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap product was developed after wide consultation, extensive trials and research into sleep safety for infants aged 0-3 years. The product has had full Hospital Clinical Trials, and has been used for over 150,000 babies worldwide. It is endorsed by a myriad of Medical professionals and Hospitals, Safety Organisations, Parents & Caregivers. PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU DUE TO YOUR BABY’S INCREASED SAFETY Keeps baby or toddler from sleeping on their tummy, thus reducing the largest risk of cot death Stops creeping in the cot, reducing the risk of suffocation, and or baby’s limbs getting caught in cot bars or beside the mattress, or face under the blankets or jammed in dangerous corners Can help establish a safe, comfortable sleep position for Reflux babies Helps prevent and/or correct flat/misshapen heads Helps prevent falls from cots/cribs, by not allowing toddlers to walk around , stand and topple, or climb out Ideal to help in the transition from cot to bed, thus preventing falls from the bed during this period - Machine washable and able to be dried on a cool setting in the dryer Hospital clinically proven to give a safe, stable and comfortable back or side sleeping position for your baby. Used Safely by over 200,000 babies. * 100% Top Quality Tested Cotton Fabric. All white with white trim. * So compact and light the Safe T SleepÒ Travel SleepwrapÒ can be rolled up to fit into a baby bag, handbag or car glove box. * It will fit into a portable cot, but can be used as a lightweight alternative to the portable cot. Turns a normal bed into a safe baby bed. * Twinsriplets can be placed on the same bed, at home or away. * Ideal for boats as baby is kept safe regardless of boat movements. BEDDING FIT: The Travel SleepwrapÒ fits Cots, cribs, boat, caravan, motor home mattress, standard single, king single, double, queen, king bed. Have Safe T SleepÒ, will travel!

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