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Ryka N-Gage Cross Trainer

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Ryka N-Gage Cross Trainer

A balanced fitness shoe for the workout enthusiast or a newcomer to the gym, the Ryka N-Gage Trainer women's fitness shoe is crafted using a synthetic and mesh upper that's lightweight and breathable for excellent comfort. With Ryka's N-Gage cushioning technology, the shoe is packed with superior cushioning with excellent rebound properties. 


  • Synthetic mesh upper provides lightweight comfort and support.
  • Midsole material - Nitracel Engage offers forefoot cushioning rebound and flexibility.
  • Hidden lacing system offers a clean, toe-down look.
  • Split asymmetrical TPU shank for medial control and lateral flexibility
  • Note: Shoes are in US sizing (see alternative image for sizing chart)


At Ryka we know that women's feet are different from men's and that women have different biomechanical and activity needs.

Women's hips are wider, which creates a larger angle from their hips to their knees, called the Q Angle. This is why women's knees can tend to point inwards more than men's and their feet differ in a number of shape characteristics - particularly at the arch, the lateral side of the foot, the first toe and the ball of the foot.

This can alter the way women's feet behave when they are active and change the type of shoe required.

Ryka recognise this and since 1987, have been designing and developing athletic footwear for women. Ryka remains the only performance athletic footwear in the world dedicated exclusively to women. Ryka make shoes that fit you better with a narrower heel, wider forefoot and plenty of support and cushioning.

As a women's only brand we know that the Ryka consumer is a strong, stylish, confident & adventurous woman. We believe that kind of confidence is beautiful and make it the guiding principal of everything we do.

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