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Outlook UV Shade Screen for Rectangle Windows

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Outlook UV Shade Screen for Rectangle Windows

A shade screen for rear windows of 4 door vehicles helps protect your family from strong sunlight, UV and glare inside your car. Car windows can be raised or lowered with the shade in place providing ventilation whilst still maintaining protection from the glare.FEATURES: Outlook Auto_shade provides 90%+ UV sun protection, and relief from glare and heat Window can be raised and lowered for ventilation with Auto_shade fitted Fits most makes and models, and attaches easily and securely in seconds Auto_shade fits over the entire rear door window frame and relies on the shape of the frame to support the Auto_shade Two models are available: Auto_shade rectangular for rectangular door frames, and rounded for door frames which have a curved edge toward the rear of the vehicle. Fits the majority of 4 door vehicles Adjustable strap secures under door or around door pull Hand washable GREAT VENTILATION90+ UV SUN PROTECTIONATTACHES

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