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Nutralife Omega Science Combo Pack

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Nutralife Omega Science Combo Pack

Nutralife Omega Science Woman Gel Caps 60s
Dosage - Take 2 capsules daily for hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, circulation and healthy skin

OMEGA 3 Triglyceride Concentrate 543mg
Equiv. EPA 212mg
Equiv. DHA 38mg
Grapeseed Ext Dry Conc (120:1) 42mg
Equiv. Grapeseed dry 5g
Borage Oil 250mg
Providing GLA 50mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 75IU
Omega Science Woman contains a base of Ultra Pure Concentrated Omega 3 oil, high in EPA. The formula is enhanced with Grapeseed Extract and Vitamin E, powerful antioxidants needed to help protect against the cell-ageing effects of free radicals. Also contains DHA, and GLA from Borage Oil (also known as Starflower Oil) for prostaglandin production and balance
Nutra-Life's Omega Science range of ultra pure high EPA & DHA Omega 3 Concentrates has several benefits:
  • More EPA and/or DHA per capsule than ordinary 18/12 fish oils. You can take less to receive the same or greater benefit
  • Less saturated fat. Typical analysis shows 70% less saturated fats than ordinary 18/12 fish oils. Especially important if you have high cholesterol
  • Condition specific ratios. Provide EPA & DHA ratios, along with other ingredients, that are targeted to meet specific conditions and needs
  • Ultra Purity. Refined by EPAX?s patented two step purification process. This helps remove impurities like organic pollutants and heavy metals, which are commonly found in fish oil
  • Safer. EPAX specifications require that the level of contaminants such as Dioxins & PCBs is less than 5 pg/g. This is 50% lower than the pending EU regulation of 10 pg/g


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