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Mineral Oil Free A nourishing blend enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to leave your baby's skin ever so soft and supple. For baby soft, smooth skin Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser is a blend of pure, all natural, allergy free vegetable oils for general moisturizing of rough and dry, sensitive patches of skin. Protect against dryness and leave your baby's skin extra soft and smooth. Free from mineral oil, sorbolene and petrochemicals. In Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser the calming aroma of Certified Organic Lavender will leave your baby, newborn and toddler smelling divine and relaxed just before bedtime. Don't double up on products - use Gaia Natural Baby nourishing moisturiser during pregnancy to assist with skin elasticity and prevent dry, flaky skin - it is just gorgeous rubbed into your tummy when your skin feels so tight it might pop! Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser includes: Certified Organic^ Chamomile for calming and soothing - ideal just before bedtime Certified Organic^ Shea Butter, very softening, easily absorbed and helps improve the suppleness and elasticity of skin Certified Organic^ Avocado oil is extremely nourishing, especially for dry and flaky skin. Certified Organic^ Sweet Orange helps to gently cleanse little bottoms during messy nappy changes (Certified Organic by Australian Certified Organic) Many of our moms swear by their Gaia bedtime routine - a relaxing bath with Gaia Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash followed by a nice gentle rub down with Gaia Natural Baby moisturiser. The calming and relaxing aromas of Certified Organic Lavender and Certified Organic Chamomile may assist with settling your baby for a peaceful nights sleep. Vigorous massage can excite baby before bedtime. Instead why not enjoy a little quiet time after your baby's bath. Prepare a nice warm environment to bath your baby, pat bubs dry with a towel leaving skin slightly damp. Apply a small amount of Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser to your hands and then very gently massage in - your baby will be left with skin ever so soft and smooth and will feel nicely relaxed. Find a nice quiet corner and enjoy a cuddle or a story together before retiring for a peaceful night sleep. Suggested Uses: For dry, flaky skin As a diaper change lotion To calm baby before bedtime Doubles as the perfect belly moisturiser during pregnancy Encourage bonding between your toddler and soon-to-be little brother/sister. You may like to ask your little angle to massage Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser into your tummy, letting him or her know that they are giving brother or sister a little massage or cuddle and helping to keep Mummy's skin nice and soft.

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