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Leaping Frogs - Aromadough - 65g Tub

$3.50 to Auckland

Leaping Frogs - Aromadough - 65g Tub

  • Need to de-stress or want to be energised?  Aromadough could be just the tonic! 
  • Aromadough's unique moisturising formula (with beeswax, grapeseed oil and cocoa butter) allows for a slow release of essentials oils for "hands on" fun therapy
  • For children we have a skweeze for sneezes and wheezes, quiet play amd sweet dreams, and recovery and well being
  • Plus for the adults there is Sexy Skweeze
  • Think Fun, Fragrance and Freshness and give Aromadough as a gift or keep a handfull at your fingertips - at home, work or in the car

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