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Diet Nanny Box of 20 - The Deal

Diet Nanny Box of 20


Diet Nanny Box of 20

  • To eat or not to eat?
  • Let Diet Nanny decide!
  • Place the Diet Nanny wherever temptation lies: In the fridge, biscuit tin, even drinks cabinet
  • The Diet Nanny is light activated so place it inside the fridge door or wherever temptation lies
  • When the door is opened the Diet Nanny gives six random messages whether to eat or not to eat
  • ?Go on treat yourself!?, ?Leave it alone!?, ?Are you sure?? ?Don?t even think about it?, ?Mmm, Mmm enjoy!?, ?You know you shouldn?t!?
  • Weak willed when it comes to food? Let the Diet Nanny bring some discipline to your life
  • Batteries included
  • Retail / gift packaged

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